Ideas for digital

* Creative Digital Consultancy *

Our Beliefs

We believe good digital idea come from…

Open minded learning

We learn the realities of a new problem by first hand contact with people.

Iterative evolution

We avoid predicting the future with detailed plans. Instead, we react to reality as it unfolds.

Remaining flexible

We define success by real outcomes for people, not how closely we adhere to a checklist of features.

Creating prototypes

We learn by making mistakes in the real world rather than aiming for perfection in the abstract.

Open collaboration

We embrace changing requirements and needs. We use them to create better outcomes.

Attention to aesthetics

We think good idea is beautiful as well as functional.

Our Companies

Cloud Technology Specialists

We design beautiful user experiences to enhance digital products and service offerings. We use visual design cues to tell stories. Our approach derives an understanding of your business, its identity, and creative strategy.

We understand client goals, which enables us to identify the right creative strategy and direction that engages your target audience with your product or service offering. Be it online strategy, web site design or application development; we come well-dressed for all digital storytelling.

User Experience Specialists

Our simple mission is to develop user experience and design thinking products. With the advancement of technology, we provide excellent products and solutions across China and Australia, help define user experience and usability benefits in a comprehensive manner.

Our user experience services: general user experience consulting, usability testing, heuristic analysis/expert review, interaction design, prototyping, user experience research consulting, context of use analysis.

Inbound Marketing Specialists

We helps brands thrive in the digital economy. We create engaging digital solutions that connect brands with people. We're small, efficient, agile and creative technology agency, collectively we have over 30 years of experience.

We have that more rare of capabilities: we can conceive a holistic digital business strategy at a range of creative practice areas: design, strategy, social media, search, advertising, content and data&analytics.

Our Partners

We are partnering with:


Help you to focus on what matters - running your business. We can get you started with Google Ads, optimise your campaigns with the latest tools and insights, find new ways of connecting with your customers.

Amazone Web Service

Help you of all sizes design, architect, migrate, or build new applications on AWS. We can deep expertise in both application development as well as infrastructure management, which allows us to leverage AWS services to its fullest potential.


Help you build great social apps If you develop for platforms or languages other than iOS, Android, PHP or JavaScript, and services that include deep Facebook integration. We can enable you to make your apps and sites more social.

We are supporting

An Asian non-profit community of developers, creatives, designers, entrepreneurs, startups and others working together. To help members learn, identify resources and move forward with their projects.


The Australian Information Industry Association is the national organisation representing the information technology. To establish appropriate support to connect with Asian technology companies.


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